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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  • This policy explains, generally and particularly, how Intajuna Information Technology Company, which owns the trademark  Intajuna, hereinafter referred to as  Intajuna uses the data.
  • This policy in concerned with the personal or intangible online data that the user provides about himself/herself or his/her establishment ( Intajuna online products/services user) with the name he/she provides about himself/herself and the data attached and related to that name.
  • Out of Intajuna's concern for confidentiality of customer data and information that we view, kindly read the privacy policy carefully before using any of Intajuna's online products/services through the website/application.
  • The user visit to the website, or ordering services through any relevant platform is considered approval to the provisions of this policy, the updates that may be introduced thereto, and relevant future policies or procedures.

Why do we collect user data?

We do so to be able to provide our services in a proper manner and level, including website or applications services, and to provide the customer with all offers and data, which we think the customer is interested in. However, we do not collect data with sensitive descriptions about users related to the physical identification of the user's personality, such as name or personal picture.

What do we collect about our users?

  • We collect personal data when using our products and services or when the user orders from any online platform (website/application). We also use the customer data when participating in polls, and when necessary, we use cookies.
  • Intajuna Information Technology Company or its trademark  Intajuna, for the sake to provide its services and products to its customers or to any other party, shall have full right to collect, use and share customer's personal data that defines their descriptions such as gender, age, etc. their geographic location, phone numbers, addresses and all related data without having any effect to physical identification of customers personalities, such as their names and pictures.
  • In accordance with the provisions hereof, data may be collected in accordance with the methods referred to previously, and through any means related to marketing, advertisements and promotional messages of various forms, including messages of news and events, and other types of correspondence, as well as any other means that allow us to collect information for the purposes mentioned herein.

Our cookies policy:

  • What we do in collecting data will not at any time lead to identification of the main character of the user such as name or personal picture, which whoever obtains can be able to have complete information about the user and his/her personality. However, we will track the online platforms to know the best ways to use the website or application, in order to enhance and develop all services provided. In accordance with the provisions hereof, all data obtained through the use of cookies for later or future use in services that we develop or work to develop is legal, provided that such cookies shall not contain anything that may reveal the user character, and may never be used for data collection in the first place.
  • According to the provisions hereof, obtaining personal data is considered correct and acceptable by all those who deal with Intajuna, as soon as they submit such data. It shall also be correct and acceptable to obtain data related to various technical matters from all electronic devices that the user uses when visiting our online platforms (website/application), including information of performance of the device being used, the geographical locations it goes to, the transmission systems, including type of device, type of connection, payment methods used by the device or mobile devices attached thereto, etc. It shall also include the IP and related data.
  • The information we obtain from cookies indicates the limits and parameters of interaction with various technologies such as the use of mobile phones, QRC messages, and NFC. It shall be noticed that if the user refuses the same, he/she shall activate the settings of the used device to refuse cookies powers, and the user alone shall be responsible for that.

How do we store customer personal data?

  • We undertake to make sufficient and reasonable effort to preserve the customer personal data in order to protect it from misuse, loss or unauthorized access. We also take care not to disclose such information and to destroy any personal data that is no longer required to be kept within our data storage places.
  • We always note that the user alone shall be responsible for maintaining his/her passwords, through which he/she accesses Intajuna's online platforms, and we always stress not to share the temporary or permanent password or access and authentication code/s with others for any reason.
  • We do not guarantee or provide a guarantee at any stage of dealing with us with regard to securing the integrity of personal data during transmission or storage done by any of related parties of Intajuna's online services/products and others, and the user acknowledges that he/she is aware of this responsibility to protect his/her data and not to disclose them to others. The user is also aware, in all aspects, of the implications of his/her clarification and disclosure of his/her personal data according to his choice and consent. If the user becomes aware of any violation, he/she shall first contact and notify Intajuna.
  • In order to provide the customer with appropriate service, we shall have the right to store all types of data inside and outside the Kingdom, within the limits allowed by the Law.

How do we use the data we collect?

  • Users agree to our collection and use of personal data for the purpose of providing Intajuna online services/products and other services, and the user specifically agrees on the information that explicitly states and clearly discloses their names, addresses, contact numbers and their e-mails. These data and others shall be available to anyone authorized by us to have access to them, including service providers, contractors, researchers, public relations officers, etc.
  • The user also agrees to Intajuna's use of personal data for advertising, promotion and direct marketing purposes in order to promote or advertise the services and goods provided by Intajuna or any third party, which we believe the user may be interested in. Provisions of this policy allow us to disclose these data to all entities, affiliates, sister companies or third parties, which we engage their services and which perform jobs or provide products or services on behalf of Intajuna.
  • The user agrees that we may use the data to develop Intajuna's services and products, and that Intajuna owns all rights related to and resulting from such data, and that such data shall be subject to study and analysis for the purposes of improving sales, research, development and various different purposes.
  • Upon expiry or withdrawal of access permission obtained from the user, we will not have the ability to give or provide any service to the user and we reserve the right to view, disclose or share the personal data related to our users whenever this is based on an existing or potential legal dispute or a concluded or to be concluded contract, and what falls within the protection or ownership of intellectual rights, or as allowed by applicable Laws, provided that all of the above shall be subject to the sole discretion of (Intajuna).
  • Upon the sale, liquidation, acquisition or merger of the existing business, it shall be valid according to the provisions hereof to transfer some or all of the personal data to any party.

Rights to view data:

We try our best to protect the personal data of our users in its integrated manger, permanent updates and its correct integrated information, and we always give the opportunity to the user who wants to know his personal data registered with us, taking into account the appropriate time and the ability to respond to him/her and clarify his/her inquiries in accordance with our internal bylaws. Accordingly, the customer may request to know his/her data and such request shall be processed within a period not exceeding ninety days, whether this request is for inquiries or modifications. Moreover, the user shall provide proof of his/her identity to get this request processed and shall, as Intajuna deems fit, pay costs for collection and provision of such data to him/her. Intajuna always adheres to the applicable laws and regulations in maintaining records and personal data and submitting them to the competent authorities upon request.

Authority to Amend the Usage Policy:

We reserve the right to amend some or all parts of this policy, provided that users shall be notified accordingly according to any of the contact information available to Intajuna.

Affiliated and sister online platforms:

When our online platforms contain links to move to other online platforms, this policy shall be applied to them, unless such platforms have in place other policies; therefore, the user shall carefully read and take care of the same.

Contact us:

All provisions mentioned herein regarding inquiries, modifications, deletions, or anything not provided for herein shall be contacted via the following address: support@intajuna.com

Last Update: 2022-01-07